Quality System

At Hung Dian Technology Co., Ltd, from product R&D to production procedures, the entire production flow is strictly controlled by professional QC personnel and we execute 100% product inspection before shipment. We continue to improve our production facilities and adopt the most advanced machines to not only ensure production quality stably but also maintain overall output. Quality Control Department is set up as well to constantly monitor production processes on every section periodically in compliance with ISO stipulations (IPQC).

Hung Dian has various precision inspection instruments such as 2D Image Measurement Instrument , 3-D coordinate measuring machine (3-D CMM), inside (outside) micrometer, digital weight scale, standard gauge blocks (pin), Altimeter, Surface Roughness Tester and electronic Vernier caliper…etc. to meet the demand of quality monitoring and stability.

Incoming Quality Control


IPQC Chart


Product Inspection Chart